Reginald J. Clayton

                              (901) 502-3669 (cell)             E-mail: Reginald.Clayton@yahoo.com                                                            


Objective                  To seek a position that will exercise my knowledgeable skills in the field of Computer Engineering

                                            and Programming


Overview                  A multi-tasked individual that is business oriented, reliable, and energetic to get the job done.

Over 15 years of Information Technology Support experience. 

Ability to work remotely with internal/external teams and business units

Efficient in SQL, Toad for Oracle, Server Functions, all Microsoft applications

Good analytical skills with regards to processes, documentation, and requirements


Education                 Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering May 2004

Concentration in Computer Engineering

Christian Brothers University, Memphis, Tennessee

Top 10%

                                                    Whitehaven High School, Memphis, TN, May 1999

Valedictorian (1 out of 467)


Job Experience                


                                             05/23/2016 - Present                   AT&T Mobility                                             Memphis, Tennessee

                                           Business System Analyst – BSA

Researching issues within JDA WMS (Red Prairie WMS 2012) to develop a permanent solution

Through project management procedures (TDP – Agile/Waterfall Technologies)

TDP – Technology Driven Platform        


Projects as BSA

Break Pack Conveyor Upgrade


Carrier Change

Management Dashboard

EPOD Confirm Alert

EPIC Retirement

Red Prairie Upgrade – 2016

FirstNet SIM Migration

COR Stores

Apple DEP

Lithium Ion Battery Compliance

Dollar General Shipping


                                                    06/29/2012 – 05/22/2016            AT&T Mobility                                             Memphis, Tennessee

                                           Production Support Analyst: (promoted within AT&T to BSA)

This includes middleware Integration Hub and LENS (Logistics Execution Nervous System)

Providing warehouse system support

On-Call rotation as necessary

Created SOPs to help assist new team members learn how to correct issues within an

extremely customized JDA WMS (Red Prairie) application

EDI analysis to assist Super Users in error resolution

Helping the IC department with inventory control issues

Support for JDA (formerly Red Prairie) WMS systems (PROD, LENS, LIHUB)

Re-Logging failed events that distribute data between middleware applications

MOCA Trace review for error root cause analysis and correction

Managed EPICs – ensuring ASNs were successfully received into the system

Monitoring System Speed and clearing blocking locks with JDA WMS

Create / Troubleshoot adhoc scripts from WMS tables

CORS – Carton Order Routing System

Made sure cartons are picked and diverting correctly on conveyor

Cancel incorrect orders back to Host/Oracle properly

Update orders, picks, shipments as needed to ensure proper trail through JDA WMS

Maintain receiving / shipping trucks for door docking

Troubleshooting printers, label printers, and computers in high production warehouse

Starting stopping MOCA jobs / tasks that were essential to warehouse operation

Create driving SQL commands for DDA creation for Supervisor and manager use

Creating users for all systems mentioned above

Trained new WMS Support Analysts on AT&T’s systems, procedures, and practices

                                             IT Support

Providing support for other IT departments to help fill in low staffing

Floor support Zebra and Xerox printers

Maintained PNA printers (Auto Tamp printers)

Help fix / troubleshoot computers and software






                                             08/2004 – 11/2009          KM Logistics – 3PL for Cummins Inc.         Memphis, Tennessee

                                           System Support Specialist/DBA/Senior Systems Analyst

                                             24/7 on call duty – 3 shifts 6 days a week



































03/2003 – 08/2004                   Cummins Inc.                                               Memphis, Tennessee

                                             Operations Intern / Inventory System Analyst: (hired within Cummins Inc. for KM IT)

IOOS: Synching parts between Ordering and Inventory Databases

Maintain receiving, inventory, and outbound operations

Analyze and fix parts upon demand in the Ordering database

Creating expected receipts for parts

Develop SQL scripts to retrieve and manipulate data for inventory reports in Oracle SQL*Plus

Assist in maintenance of daily inventory accuracy for receiving and outbound using SQL scripts

Maintained a weekly report for Information Systems on parts that were out of synchronization

Determining/Learning piece rate system for KM Logistics

Created and Maintained ad-hoc reports for Cummins Inc. directors and managers.

Produced analysis reports, and documentation

Help to coordinate data collection and reporting for multiple departments


Six Sigma – kept track of all projects, formatted forms, and participated in groups as needed

Sarbanes Oxley – developed/maintained process flows and documentation

Power Sweep - upgraded operating system from Windows NT to XP;  loaded relevant applications to

            each person’s PC

ISO – responsible for random audits of all departments in lieu of compliance to ISO 9001 guidelines; 

           maintain/develop work instructions, process flows, and approval of documents

Quality – designed web page prototype for production line





Job Experience – Not Listed



07/01/2010 – 06/20/12 - Ashley Furniture - Memphis, TN

IT Support / Web/Program Developer

Providing warehouse operational support

Developing intranet to centralize all data

Computer support and repair / virus removal

Support for outsourced systems

Paychex, Sharepoint, Profit (furniture system)

Creating users for all systems

Providing Help Desk/ Desktop support for 12 Home Stores – VNC Viewer

When necessary traveling to stores for support

Installation and support for local printers

Provide adhoc reporting for owner and corporate workers




11/2009 – Present - Freelance work - Memphis, TN

Computer Tech / Web Developer: ClaytonPortal.com

Repairing / fixing problematic PCs

Setting up small office networks

Developing websites for small businesses using HTML/CSS/ASP/JSCRIPT



06/2000 – 05/2001 - United Parcel Service - Memphis, TN

Data Entry / Floater

Entered packages into the computer system

Helped other departments when demand was high


02/2000 – 05/2000 - MCI WorldCom - Memphis, TN


Signed customers up for long distance services by following specified instructions in the delivery of sales messages

Organized and placed multiple calls within a specified shift; maintained accurate records of calls placed and results of calls

Maintained daily sales and productivity goals, as provided by management



Computer Skills



MS PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Access

Windows 95-XP

MS SQL Server






Lotus Notes


Oracle Discoverer

Wallace Print Ware


Object Oriented Programming


Red Prairie

SQL Server 2000






AS400 (MOVE)



MaxPlus II

Can adapt to any software



















References available upon request.


Reported to management, IT costs, inventory, and data analysis

Provided system administration for emails, file access, and management (World Spice, for HR Dept, kept domain current)

Customer Support/Help Desk for KM (3PL)

Maintained, troubleshot, and supported cell phone and cell phone distribution for management.

CORE Team member developer of WMS project (Red Prairie -Warehouse Management System)

Developed labels for warehouse and reports for Management (using C and SQL)

Created/Maintained more efficient ways of data manipulation per request of General Manager (HTML, CSS, ASP)

Maintaining/troubleshooting printers, printing software, creating/maintaining labels for Cummins Inc. warehouse and mapping printers

Develop/Create SQL scripts to retrieve and manipulate data for inventory reports (Oracle 10g)

Developed/Created data storages for all of KM’s data (DBA) through MS SQL Server – (T-SQL, DTS PackagesSQL Server 2000)

Developed relational database design concepts for KM Logistics. – (SQL Server)

Started OLAP Cube Design for PTS for warehouse employees through MS Analytical Services

Created/Maintained DTS Packages, schedules , and SQL Server Agents (MS SQL Server)

Fix floor system and hardware issues on demand (computers and software)


Project Planning/Management – HR PC/Software upgrade, SQL Server implementation

Maintained/Developed intranet web apps on an as needed basis (HTML, CSS, SQL, and ASP)

Created Web App to allow Management to obtain data for all employees securely (HTML, CSS, SQL, and ASP)

Created a Request database accessible through the local server for hot request on floor (Intranet Web Site) – (HTML, CSS, ASP, SQL,  MS ACCESS)

Maintaining/troubleshooting  servers, data,  and  mapping secure drives (MS SQL Server 2000)

Designed , created, and tested implementation of reports for logistics operations management (MS ACCESS, SQL, HTML, ASP)

Created several user interfaces through: MS Access

these interfaces where connected through Explorer, Oracle, and Excel

PowerSweep core member – (upgrading all computers in the building Cummins & KM)

PrintSmart core member – (upgrading all printers in building Cummins &KM)

Maintain/Troubleshoot computers daily

(approx. 400 PCs, 10 auto-bag machines)

Maintained RF Gun equipment

Included as core member for all IT projects

Help desk for warehouse – (maintained all issues)