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This is a web page developed and designed with you in mind. Kare and Krafts came into fruition because I wanted to share as much as I could with everybody. Iíve always felt destined to unite everyone together, no matter what the subject or project Ė as long as everyone would benefit from the outcome. Iíve always wanted the Ďbestí to be received by all because thatís what everyone deservesÖ and still does. Here is the next phase of my life in doing what I can to assist others.

Kare & Krafts is an avenue that will be used to make available items I feel would be beneficial to all concerned Ė one way or another. They are all different items that have one thing in common Ė they are aimed at helping us (yes, Iím including myself), to be the best we can be whether itís spiritually, mentally or physically... the natural way.

What this web page offers:

  • Supplements Iíve discovered that are so good I became a distributor so I can offer them at a discounted price
  • Handmade wrist cuffs to assist you naturally with Carpal Tunnel while typing
  • A few art pieces that would bring tranquility and beauty to your home
  • Debut of a new face and body crŤme Iíve created and have been using for years
  • At a later date: Unique handmade jewelry that will be in conjunction with your physical attributes (this page will be under construction for a short while Ė Iím doing a little more research. Please stay tuned for its grand opening)
  • A blog where you can make comments and have questions answered if needed

This is all new to me and I am definitely looking forward to assisting you in every way possible. We are in this together and donít forget - we are all ONE. If we all continued to do everything we can to help make the other personís life easier and happier Ė it would return to us ten times over. Believe me, we all can and will reap the rewards Ė which is already in each and every one of us.

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